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The Big Woo Radio Famliy

A entertaining and informative network of shows for the people by the people.


"Off Topic Sports"

Sports talk from a fans perspective with sports news and information about all your favorite sports and athletes.


"The Floetic Poetry Show"

A show that provides a platform for Poets,


Authors and Entertainers of all walks of life that can inspire all who listen.

It's a show "For the People by the People.


A talk show for grown folks designed to provide a platform for independent artist and labels that create music, poetry and even comedy.


Discussions about current events and edgy topics with adult views, opinions and advice that are not only honest, but Brutally Honest.

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MIXX Mafia Radio


Big Woo

Corey "Big Woo" Woods

He's the country boy from the hills of West Virginia (Harlem Heights to be exact). He's a former D.J., turnt rapper, turnt producer, turnt C.E.O. of Hazels House Ent.

He's currently a family man and Co Founder of the Big Woo Radio Network.

Co Host of " The Floetic Poetry Show", "Off Topic Sports" and a featured Co Host on the most controversial adult talk show on internet radio "Brutally Honest". He's considered by some (Tay Tay and Boogie) as the best Pop Pop in the entire world and one Handsome muddapucka....for his age! 

His favorite saying is 

"Get it like you want it!"

JT Thompson

James “JT”Thompson 

Native of Rock Hill,S.C.Co-Founder of Big Woo Radio..Co-host of The Floetic Poetry Show and OffTopics With Big Woo &Friends..Program Director for “The Brutally Honest Show”.. and Guest Coirdinator for all the shows. Play by play commentary for the Winthrop University Broadcast.

Nima Shiningstar-El

Nima Shiningstar-El is a native of Philadelphia who has been writing short stories and poetry since the age of 10. Pulling inspiration from family and friends she has taken life experiences and created what is now known as Nima Girl Productions...


With her style of writing, painting, plays, and books such Nima's Nightmare, On The Tip Of My Tongue, Nima's Nights, and Poems Quotes and Thoughts Provoked she has set her eyes on the Gifts that GOD has given her to add her verse to the universe. 


Nima has brought all her wonderful talent and experience to the Big Woo Radio Family to be a co host on Brutally Honest and the Floetic Poetry Show. 

Mr. $2.99

JB AKA Mr. 2.99 is co-host of Floetic Poetry Show, Off Topic and Host of Brutally Honest show. Mr. 2.99 keeps it as real as it comes so be ready for him. 


JB has a strong business background and serves as our go to Business Expert so don’t let his he has uncanny way of telling the truth fool you.

Niana Renee

Spoken Word Artist Poetic Goddess  known as Author and host of Brutally Honest, Niana Renee , grew up having issues with accepting herself. She suffered mental and physical abuse, but remained silent. The pain and agony led to close encounters with death.  After becoming pregnant in middle school her self esteem took a devastating blow.


Feelings of being unloved intensified her ability to cope with life, resulting in self-hatred. Everything changed after the birth of her daughter at the age of fourteen. This led to her therapeutic rebirth writing. After an abusive relationship her writing was the path to solitude and healing. Her short stories and poetry was unveiled to all in her books.

Doni Martin

Adonis "Doni'  Martin WV native and current Charlotte NC resident.

Doni is the sports analyst and co host on "Off Topic Sports on Big Woo Radio and has been with the network since it's inception in 2015.


Doni is an avid sports freak and can talk sports all day and all night. His specialty is the NBA. Not to take anything away from his knowledge of the NFL and his love for his NY Jets and the Carolina Panthers,


When he starts talking about his Minnesota Timberwolves it's hard for the Woo, JT and JB to get a word in. As a matter of fact, it really doesn't matter what Doni is talking about he is going to hog the mic with a lot of factual and opinionated things to say. He's somewhere talking right now as we speak.

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